est. 2004
Over A Decade of Success!
"Josh and Missy are the best coaches ever!  And the girls that help are
wonderful also!  Thank you so much for all your time and patience with the
kids and for teaching them what they know cause all the teams are amazing!"

"I love the coaches and helpers!  Tamara at the front desk is always willing
to help with information and is on top of everything.  Missy and Josh make
sure everything is run the way a gym should be run!  Lots of support, lots of
encouragement, plenty of challenge!  I love this place!"

"Never, never, ever underestimate the opportunities available at Spirit
Express.  The expertise and commitment are the highest and greatest there
is to offer.  Missy and Josh are dedicated to their athletes to grow and
develop them into college cheerleaders and mature young adults.  We are
blessed to have this available to the Enid area.  Once your young adult
travels to college and cheers and works for other gyms and coaches, you
understand these statements even more!  Spirit Express is awesome!"

"Spirit Express teaches life skills through FUN!  They jump, they tumble,
they cheer, them compete!  Spirit Express has taught my kids strength,
perseverance, compassion, and dedication.  Spirit Express is our Family!  
We love Spirit Express!"

"Thanks to Missy and Josh for being such amazing coaches that the kids
love it so much!"

"Spirit Express has been a part of our lives for 3 years now.  My daughter
has made friendships that I know will last a lifetime.  Tragedy struck our
family in January and it was the moms and coaches who stepped in and
made sure my daughter got to practice and competition.  They proved they
are a family and not just a team.  Josh and Missy are excellent coaches
who have proved they are a winning combo!"

"We have attended Spirit Express for three years now.  It is an amazing
environment for all ages.  My children have acquired skills of tumbling,
cheerleading, and increased physical fitness.  On top of that, they have a
greater sense of teamwork, competitiveness, as well as another source of
support.  They are always ready to go to tumbling and cheer.  They are not
just a gym, they are like a family!"

"Tumbling and cheer are a wonderful addition for the kid who wants to do
every sport or a great option for the kid that hates traditional sports.  I have
one of each and they both love Spirit Express!"
Parents are always welcome to stay and watch their athletes
during tumbling classes!  This is just a small portion of our
parent waiting and observation area.  
Not only do our cheer teams
win...but so do our parents!  This is
a picture of the "Rowdy Fans"
award that they won this past
season at the Dallas Cowboy
Cheerleading Competition held at
the Dallas Cowboy Stadium!